Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bassist Rene Camacho in Demand and in the News

Long-time friend of my husband Joey and I appeared in his home town newspaper this week. Bassist and all-around good guy Rene Camacho deserves the recent profile. While saying that someone is a "good guy" in the music business is the kiss of death (meaning they can't play worth shit, but you don't want to say that so instead you comment on his character--now you know), but since I'm not a musician, I take the liberty of saying that Camacho is the genuine article. Never seems to get riled up, always cool, calm, and collected, just the way he plays too. Effortlessly gliding his fingers up and down the neck of his electric bass, you'd never know he got his start playing trombone or center for the Tucson High Badgers

 (mascot which gave Joey and I a good laugh). What most impressed me about Camacho is his stint in the Tejano music scene. While I was growing up in San Antone, Camacho was touring with (G)Ram Herrera and even hit the stage and Texas television appearing on the Johnny Canales Show. "Take it away! You got it!" I probably watched him on there not knowing I'd meet him one day. Its always great fun talking Tejano music with Rene. Being from Tucson, he reminds me of a great trip my family took there in the late 80s to the mariachi festival with our student mariachi group. We were the first out-of-state mariachi group to participate and met many wonderful people who are now long lost with the passing of time. Talking with him about how much the Tucson festival has grown over the years puts a smile on my face--- and that's just how Rene is. He lightens the mood and makes you laugh. You want to crack jokes around him just to hear that great Haaaaaa-hahahahaha come out of him. That's how Abel (photographer, see his link on the left) and I got that picture above. *smirk* So take a peek at the link below for some fun Camacho facts. Next time you go out on the town or to your local festival, keep an eye out for Rene. He not only has mad skills, he has toured with everyone and their mother. He's currently giging with Kevin Eubanks and once took a call from "Linda" of Rondstandt fame in my very own house. I was doing the silent OMG-face the entire time. He just takes it all in stride and that's what so great about him. Always laughing, telling great stories, and an all around good guy. Yeah, I said it.

Feature article: http://www.aznightbuzz.com/stories/309353.php

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