Friday, September 18, 2009

HBO's Which Way Home

I came across this documentary while flipping channels on a recent quiet evening. I love all kinds of documentaries that show a glimpse into regular people's lives. Little did I know that this documentary would move me to tears. Not much on tv makes me emotional because I can separate myself from it but this one hit home. It is unfamiliar and familiar at the same time. Growing up on both sides of the border, I can appreciate the struggle of immigrants in the US. I know why people uproot their families and leave everything they love and know for a better life. Even more poignant, the people in this movie are kids, 11 year olds, boys and a couple of girls, traveling across countries on their own, looking for a better life than what is back home. I've never know how to defend it exactly. The words never come out of my mouth as effective as I'd like them to be. The best I can do is say "what would you do if you couldn't feed your family? Put yourself in their shoes." But most argue back that it is the country of origin's fault for having their people suffer this way. Yes, that is true but while the selfish and corrupt governments continue to rob their people, the individual must make a choice. Feed their families by risking their lives or sit there, do nothing and watch them starve. I know what I would do. What about you? I think everyone who has an opinion on immigration should watch this documentary. I wonder if people like Joe Wilson would still feel the same after watching this documentary, or is their hate and lack of compassion so strong that they cannot see the humanity in this. Kudos to everyone involved in the making of this documentary.

Synopsis: Each year, thousands of Latin American migrants travel hundreds of miles to the United States, with many making their way on the tops of freight trains. Roughly five percent of those traveling alone are children. As the United States continues to debate immigration reform, the documentary WHICH WAY HOME looks the issue through the eyes of children who face the harrowing journey with enormous courage and resourcefulness. 

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