Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Museums Free-For-All This Weekend

24 Los Angeles and Orange County Museums
Free Admission Days October 3 and/or 4, 2009

In a joint effort to present the arts and culture to the diverse and myriad communities in Southern California, the Museum Marketing Roundtable announces the fifth annual "Museums Free-For-All" Saturday-Sunday, October 3 and 4, 2009. The following museums - presenting art, cultural heritage, natural history, and science - will open their doors wide and invite visitors free of charge. Click here for a complete list of participating museums:

The Autry National Center's free day is on Sunday only and it is the last day to see the fascinating exhibit about the visionaries and vagabonds that pioneered the sport of rock climbing, in Granite Frontiers: A Century of Yosemite Climbing.
I had the pleasure of meeting a few of the rock climbing pioneers including "the man" Royal Robbins. The name may sound familiar if you buy outdoor clothing. There is a store named in his honor. He wrote the books that are must reads for rock climbers. He and his wife rock climbed together and she is also noted for a few firsts. I also had a chance to chat with speed climber and reining record holder for the fastest climb up El Capitan, Hans Florine. Although I've never rock climbed in my life, I couldn't help but feel inspired by these amazing people. It's not just men either. There are plenty of nerves-of-steel female rock climbers. And you know the saying that what men can do, women can do it better, well Kelly Perkins sure fits that mold. She not only did some amazing rock climbing, she did it after a heart transplant. Talk about inspiring. The wall-size video in the gallery shows some mesmerizing feats of climbing. I've watched people go into a trance just standing there watching. Don't miss this. It closes on Sunday.

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