Friday, December 4, 2009

Charity: To Give or Not to Give

It's no joke that the economy has trampled over people's finances and affected everyone's life so what are we to do about charity? For those of us blessed to be employed, we've pinched our pennies and given up the luxuries we used to enjoy like eating out, vacations, a new car, shopping on a whim. Now, we're clipping coupons, forgoing expesive concerts, driving less, and waiting much longer for the next haircut, at least I am. So, here we are in December and the calls for help and charity have increased. We are asked to give more of ourselves because there are many more people in need, but how much can we give before we can give no more? How do you choose who to support? Your kid's school fundraiser or the local food bank? The $1 breast cancer donation at the cash register or the lukemia walk at your doctor's office. No place is safe. Everywhere you go, there is a hand reaching out into your wallet. How much do you allow yourself to be guilted into donating or do you do it gladly? If so, how did you make the decision and what sacrifices do you have to make in order to give?

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  1. Well my friend I hear you, but I only give if I have it. If I don't have it or can't afford it God knows my heart and all we can do is pray for them that doesn't cost any money. Like I wrote yesterday just even a use jacket to a homeless is priceless!