Friday, February 5, 2010

Black History Month in LA

Everyday is a day to learn about Black history and culture. I don't think you can realistically separate it from "American" culture, but alas, I think it continues to be of importance despite the progress we've made to be colorblind. We still need to be mindful of how every culture, every person, and every region contributes to society and how it affects-- and is very much a part of-- our daily lives. Perhaps the best way to pay homage to the Black community's contributions is to spotlight things that are already out there to do in and around LA that will expand your knowledge of African American history and culture. You don't need a specific festival or event in February to learn about it although you can find them and participate this month and year round. Check out these links below and create your own learning experience.

Mayme A. Clayton Library and Museum:
St. Elmo's Artist Village:
The Huntington's Central Avenue and Beyond exhibit:
Fowler exhibit: 40 Years of Ethnic Studies at UCLA:
Craft and Folk Art Museum:
Angelique Kidjo at the LA Phil:
Japanese American Culture and Community Center feat. Jero in concert and Harimaya Bridge:
Futa Toro and Got Rhythm at the Music Center:
Watts Towers:
Catalina Jazz Club:
Towne Street Theatre: http://threeamsoundnorth/townestreet/
Music Untold:
LA County Library, Freedom Child performance:
And I just had to add this one in for fun. Check out the happy hour at Lucille's! Chocolate Festival:

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