Friday, April 30, 2010

Red Lips and Roses

Funny how people treat you differently when you stop caring what they think and start doing your own thing. I'm not trying to write a cliche motivational speech, just an observation about the psychology of human behavior in reaction to things that are somewhat outside of the norm. Such is the case on those days that I remember to smear my favorite red lipstick on during broad daylight to accent my usual color pallet of red and black outfits, boots, scarves, and flowers. It's just lipstick but people treat me differently. I get more smiles from everyone, men, women, and children. People comment on my outfit as if it's the first time they've ever seen me wear it. They just can't seem to pinpoint why they feel the need to stare and speak. I get a kick out of it of course. I did spice it up even more today with an even bigger red rose pinned on my dress. When it's just the rose alone people know it's the rose they like but when it's the red lipstick, it's like they get hypnotized and thrown off. They have no clue but feel compelled to say something. I just smile and say thanks to whatever compliment  they conjure up at the moment. What really throws people off is wearing such a bold color at work or simply during the day. When did red get relegated to evening wear? Not in my book! Life is too short to not wear red I say. I've always loved the color red. In fact, I usually spell it in all capital letters because it's bold and should stand out. Three powerful letters R E D, for a powerful color. It's dramatic and beautiful, bold and gutsy. Maybe that is how I want to be on those days that I wear it. So here is to the color RED and all the smiles it brings out in people.


  1. Here's to RED and to you for wearing it as beautifully as you do :)

  2. Hi Yaya...I saw this post link on Facebook a few days ago but my phone wouldn't let me comment. I loved it! Asi es la gente but it's nice to know you're comfortable enough in your own skin to Rock the RED! I didn't know you wrote a blog so now that I know I'm a new follower. My blog about traveling with kids also includes my thoughts on raising the little one and our latino roots. You can find it at My Tot Travels
    You can also find me on Twitter and you know about Facebook
    Happy Travels,