Thursday, June 10, 2010

Walk in Beauty

Here are some beauty and fashion tips that I want to share with the ladies. Beauty comes from within and all that jazz. You know that part already. These are some solid ideas I made up along the way.  I try to keep them in mind when going about the day.  You may have your own take on what fits your personality. At least I hope you do! I know you do. But if you could use a little encouragement or advice on how to mix it up, read on.

  • Glitter eye shadow is fun for work and play
  • Fake eyelashes are worth trying and trying until you get it right
  • Liquid eyeliner takes A L O T of practice but once you get the hang of it, watcha!
  • With sparkly glitter eye shadow use lip gloss not lipstick
  • With subdued eyes, go for the RED lips!
  • Wear jewelry that makes you happy preferably big chunky rings
  • Invest in a few pieces of nice jewelry and wear them everyday
  • Mix your good jewelry with your fake jewelry
  • Accessories are your friend but limit them to a few small pieces and one big wow piece. 
  • Wearing comfy shoes all the time is A-Ok after you're married
  • Uncomfortable but great looking shoes are ok if you will be sitting down
  • Find the color that look good on you. Experiment, experiment, experiment until you get it right. Then wear it loud and proud!
  • Bright colors are not scary!
  • Beige is for grandmas!!
  • Khakis should be burned in the BBQ pit or used as canvas
  • Hats only hide the beauty of your gorgeous mane, skip them. Plus they give you hat hair. Not good.
  • Buy a good pair of cowboy boots for those days you feel like roughing it and going against the grain. They're oddly empowering.
  • Silk scarfs are for baby boomers
  • Yes, people will think you're a lesbian if you have short spikey hair (and send me e-mails about supporting GLAAD . . . inside joke)
  •  Condition your hair, always.
  • Control the frizz.
  • Keep your toenails painted. It detracts from people noticing your dry feet.
  • On the same note, wear bright lipstick to make your teeth look whiter or to draw attention away from the huge honkin' zit on your nose
  • A little cleavage never killed anyone. Just put smiles on people's faces.
  • You don't have to smile at everyone. It only makes you look crazy, not friendly.
  • On the flip side, smile once in a while fer Pete's sake. It ain't that bad. 
  • Ugly old men aren't always creepy. They're just tired and have better stories than goofy 20-somethings.
  • Beer is for men unless you're broke and he's cheap. 
  • Cosmos are yummy and pink
  • Ask for extra olives
  • Stop after 2 drinks
  • Eat before you go out drinking
  • Wear your beautiful fancy dress. Don't store it away in the closet. It may never come out.
  • Comfy sweats belong inside the house and maybe at the grocery store if paired with big chunky sunglasses and a pony tail, but never out in public beyond that.
  • If you get the urge to put a flower in your hair, do it.
  • Pigtails look cute on little girls, not grown women.
  • Drink water, slather lotion, and spritz some perfume
  • Don't dress for others, dress for yourself
  • Dress to match your mood
  • And most importantly, remember that you only live this life once! Enjoy it! 
Do you have your own personal mantras and beauty tips? Share them here. I'd love to read them!

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