Monday, September 12, 2011

Lost Angeles

I decided to change the name of my blog. Since I am a Libra, it's hard to make a decision, but I decided that the previous title "Stuff I Like" was more of a cop-out from thinking about a new name, than a title with an opinion. I chose Lost Angeles because it's a city that will spin you around, push you to the side, and leave you face down when you least expect it. It's filled with people on the move, and they're all running late. One wrong turn, and  you're lost. You won't get there on time. You'll forget the way. You'll be redirected, off your path, by the city. Then one day, a miracle happens. You arrive on time, early in fact. And you're lost not knowing what to do with the free time. So you wait, and confusion sets in. Was it today? Where is everyone? Thank goodness for wifi and coffee.
I spent three weeks away from LA this summer. I didn't look at the time. I didn't wear heels. I hardly pumped any gas. What was there to do? I ate, watched tv, slept in late, saw some friends. I visited nature and thought about nothing. Coming back, walking into my home, I felt the tension. Back to work, back to the grind. Remember to look at the time. Fill up the gas tank, remember all the short cuts, break out the work clothes. No more home cooked meals or dollar margaritas. This is LA. Grab a bagel, wait in line, watch the time, use your card. Who has cash? Pay for parking, tip the barista, give some to the homeless guy outside. Spin around, don't trip, just gain your balance and drive.
Yet here we are in love and addicted with a city that may one day, perhaps give you back all that you have given it. Perhaps, you will achieve your dream you came here after. Maybe, just maybe, if you keep your focus, remember your way, you will see through the smog and won't be so lost afterall.

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  1. There we go, you can delete both these!, lol. Welcome back to the blog world =)