Friday, March 30, 2012

Latina Fashionista: Miss Lydia Sofia

Today is March 30, 2012 and my Latina Fashionista pick of the week is none other than the birthday girl herself, my baby
Miss Lydia Sofia
No one has inspired me to be bold and take risks in fashion the way she has. Her choice of brights and pattern combinations rival those of any Hollywood designer. So let's take a look at how this 6 year old runs fashion circles around everyone around her, literally.

Here Miss Lily is wearing a fun polka dot top with a high waist and pink Hello Kitty skirt. The black tights provide just the right amount of dark contrast to make the bright pink pop! Her sparkle shoes are just the right addition to complete the look.

When Miss Lily feels like bustin' a move to some Snoop Dog she layers an oversized tee over a long-sleeve shirt in a paler shade. Her color of choice, purple. Topped off with a stand-out Crayola yellow folded bandana on her head and all that's left to say is "what up, boi!?!"

Another fresh hip hop option is to go with the mile-sky ponies. Add not one or two, but at least three or four elastic bands in your favorite matching colors and presto! Kid Coolio in da house!

There's a time to be urban and there's a time to be tropical and Miss Lily conjures up the cool ocean breeze with this relaxed ensemble. With her hair pulled back in a loose ponytail she pins a delicate yellow orchid on one side to contrast her purple embroidered patchwork dress. There's nothing like an afternoon of drumming with friends to unwind after a hard week at school.

When it's one of those days that you just have to wake up early and open presents Lydia believes in going with the flow. Sure she hasn't run a comb through her hair but there's something chic and beautiful about letting your hair do it's thing naturally.

Too young to go out and party? Who needs to get past a smelly bouncer when you can party like a rock star in the comfort of your own home?! Put on that sparkly dress that's just sitting in the closet collecting dust, blast your favorite Lady Gaga song and dance in front of your mom watching TV until she gets up and dances with you! Instant Party!

Lydia Gaga . . . Need I say more?

A girl can never wear enough blue eyeshadow.

Ran out of blue eyeshadow? Just wear giant sunglasses. You'll look fabulous. Don't forget the faux fur.

Finally got the chance to go out? Dress up with a sparkly pink with black velvet dress. You'll feel special no matter what. A fancy side ponytail gives you that special happy kid look.

Probably the best accessory of all, after the princess necklace, is a great smile! You can't beat that!

Happy 6th Birthday Lydia!
Mommy Loves You!