Thursday, March 22, 2012

Latina Fashionista: Miss Ruby Champagne

Welcome to my new blog feature, Latina Fashionistas! No where can you find a collection of Latina fashion that doesn't involved boobalicious celebrities like Salma, Sofia, or Eva so I decided to enlist my fellow amigas to start this new section. Don't get me wrong, SSE are fabulous and we adore them but I want to look at ladies and gentlemen (Yes, stay tuned for fashionable men too!) who always have their look well-put together.

Ruby serves up some Mexican-inspired fashion. Photo by Mr40Chev.
These are some of my friends and acquaintances that I think are truly worthy of magazine covers. Their everyday style is fun and fresh, cultural and modern, and they make a statement without saying a word. What shines through the most is their fabulous self-confidence and that's what ultimately makes them stylish fashionistas whether they are wearing name brand shoes from Macy's or plastic bangles from La 99.

For my first feature, we start with the gorgeous
A perfect choice for obvious reasons. She lives, breathes, and performs fashion! You've seen her on stage slowly and carefully removing her custom made glittery skits, opera gloves, and more but here she is in everyday looks that can inspire anyone to bring some of that glitz and glamor into their own wardrobe. Read on for a Q&A with this fashion maven.

One of my favorite accessories has to be the big bold rose pin. Here, Miss Ruby is rocking it just above the ear. Please don't put it on top of your head unless you are going for a more Carmen Miranda look and singing about bananas. We don't need that look revived anytime soon. Ruby's dress is glitzy but in a mellow champagne color that does not detract from her gorgeous face. Of course, if you have an enormous zit on your cheek, you may want to lower the rose just far enough to cover it! Miss Ruby never gets zits by the way. Her skin is actually prefabricated by fairy dust angels that check on it in the middle of the night. True story.

Going to the ballpark? Miss Ruby is sporting her team colors with pride with a non-helmet-head causing visor because helmet-head is the worst thing that can happen to Latinas. We rather sweat buckets and have our extra black mascara streaming down our cheeks than wear a hat that causes helmet hair. Ruby is also full of team spirit in this cute red polka dot top and red lips. The fairies also polish her teeth with white fluffy cloud cotton sparkle.

Need to dress up? How about some faux fur in a light color and a glittery bow hairpin to match. I love how Ruby finds great outfits that aren't black. How many dresses, tops, skirts, shoes, do we all have in standard black? The goth era is over. Lighten up and choose a light color for sparkly fairy sakes! While I can't seem to shake black outfits, Miss Ruby does it and looks classy.The pop of color are those luscious red lips.

At left, Miss Ruby is wearing a vintage A-line dress which adds appropriate cover-up for grandma's approval but also maintains a sexy allure with a form-fitting waist to flatter her figure. And you know that grandma has a thing or two to say about today's fashion. Mmhmm, I can hear all of your abuelas chiming in now. One is trying to throw a chancla! Ayy they get all worked up. Choose a bright color like this satin blue and match it with understated shoes. Here Miss Ruby is pictured with two stylin' gentlemen, Dave Temple and Sabino Gutierrez who run Clever Vintage Clothing in LA and look like they're ready for a chilly summer night on the beach. Where's the yacht boys?

Ruby Champagne Q&A

What make-up item can you never do without?
- Eyeliner! Just a simple sweep of black liner and I feel I can at least go outside!

What do you fuss over the most when getting ready: hair, makeup, outfit or shoes?
- It depends why I'm going out. If it's just to go run errands or somewhere that I anticipate standing/walking a lot, I'll fuss over the most comfy shoes, then outfit. If it's a social gathering, I'll put most time in the outfit, then hair.

Which are your favorite pair of shoes and why?
Black ballet flats. They're cute and comfortable and pretty much can work with everything!

Preferred lip color?

Who inspires you?
Sometimes when I dress up, I look to classic Latin Cinema stars' style i.e. Lupe Velez, Maria Felix, Rosita Quintana, and Ninon Sevilla.

Yes, we see the resemblance! See pics below.

Rosita Quintana

Lupe Velez


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