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Latino Fashion-Listo: Alex Ehecatl Chavez

Ladies (and gentlemen too), I promised to include fashionable men in my fashion feature and it didn't take much thought to come up with a list of appetizing amigos that have their look on point from head to toe! I'm calling this my Latino Fashion-Listo feature because these guys are always listos (ready/smart/on-point) when it comes to their fashion sense. Let the collective sighing begin with a beautiful soul of a man, actor/director/producer. . .

Those of us that know him from his work with Native Voices at the Autry or from the bar fight scene in the movie Frida, know him as Ehecatl. It took us plenty of time to get the pronunciation right so we got it and we're sticking to it. ;-) All joking aside, this descendant of Aztec blood-lies and chiseled good-looks makes an impression when he walks into a room. Quiet and understated in person and in his everyday wear, his peaceful energy makes people stop and take notice. Read on for a fashion Q&A with Ehecatl.

The three piece suit suits Ehecatl perfectly. He make a bold statement with a strong color like this eggplant print shirt under a dark tone-on-tone striped suit jacket, and short untamed hair cut.

Hiking and spending time surrounded by nature doesn't mean baggy unflattering clothes. Tame your wild locks with a hat. Forget the dirty baseball cap you wear everywhere you go (trust me, it smells). Opt for a chic beret then choose a form-fitting t-shirt that shows that there is an actual body underneath. Here, Ehecatl chose brown and grey tones. Nothing wild or crazy or bland either with that pop of yellow across his chest. Just right! Don't forget the sporty watch so you'll know when to start back down the trail. Can't have you become dinner for hungry coyotes.

Traveling soon? Nothing says soy Latino like a cool fedora. Here, Ehecatl wears a striking white fedora with a thick, bold, black band. We see a pattern with his bold striped button-down shirt underneath a saturated grey suit jacket. Don't forget the natural two-toned wood bracelet. It shows you're grounded and earth-conscious.
With Rick Najera, Eugenio Derbez and Carlos Lòpez Jimènez

Eugenio Derbez may be uber popular in Mexico and gaining fame in the US but in this pic, all we see is Ehecatl's intellectual square-shaped frames and sienna orange and black scarf over a black on black outfit topped off by his carefree hair, no gel needed. You can't miss the sleek square-face, silver with black band watch. It's a perfect compliment to the square specs and white buttons on his shirt. Are there other people in this pic? We didn't notice (sorry guys!)

Q&A with Alex Ehecatl

Italian film actor Marcello Mastroianni

Who are your fashion icons?
Marcello Mastroianni, Sean Connery, and German Valdez "Tin Tan"

Are there any particular fashion designers you look to for inspiration?
Alexander McQueen, Enio Capasa (see fahion show video below),  and Kean Etro

What do you fuss over the most when getting ready?
A shirt that is not properly ironed.

What is your favorite piece of wardrobe and why?
They change everyday according to what I'm wearing. It could be my shoes, my tie, my hat, my cufflinks, usually a piece that I'm selecting that day as an accent. I always pay attention to the watch that I'm wearing. (We noticed!)

What inspires your fashion sense?
Freedom, comfort and a sense of aesthetic combination between color, texture and fabric.
Etro men's wear spring/summer 2012

How do you integrate your Latin culture into your fashion?
By making bold statements. We are a rich complex culture that is not easily defined by a trend.

What is your favorite way to see a woman dress?
I like to see a woman who dresses comfortably, and can emanate confidence in the choices that she makes before putting on the sandals or the high heels.

Did you hear that ladies? Be comfortable and confident. At the end of the day, all they remember is your smile. 

Check out Enio Capasa's Costume Nation Fashion Week runway  show 12/13. 
Simply fabulous and edgy.

To catch up on the latest project by Ehecatl, 
check out his new documentary "The Shoe" and vote for it at HRTV Film Festival

"the Shoe" from Alex Ehecatl on Vimeo.

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