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Latino Fashion-Listo: Quetzal Guerrero

I'm usually the first one to knock down the gorgeous people of the earth that live a fantastic life, travel the world, and only socialize with other beautiful people while everyone else is still wiping up the drool from their shirts. It's just so superficial to ONLY admire them for their good genes and jeans. Even now, I hesitate to feature this adonis of a man because it's just too easy to see him for his superficial good looks (I have to look away he's so darn beautiful). But no, I have to write about him because aside from the obvious, I looked beyond the surface and found a unique soulful person on the inside. This weeks Latino Fashion-Listo is  . . .

Quetzal Guerrero

I suggest you click on his youtube channel and enjoy his American folk- soul- jazz- funk- samba- bossa nova- reggae- afrobeat- inspired music as you read this feature. Go to click back here and enjoy!

Arizona native Quetzal Guerrero picked up the violin and studied at the famous International Academy of the Suzuki Method, in Matsumoto, Japan, and the Conservatorio Pernambucano de Musica in Recife, Brazil. Throughout the years he has become an outstanding multi-instrumentalist and performer fluid with his voice, guitar, and percussion as well as an accomplished dancer and Capoeirista.

Quetzal’s artistry, much like his American, Mexican, and Brazilian heritage, bridges many Latin and American cultures and styles. Add a touch of Native American sensibility with his Yaqui and JuaneƱo roots and you have someone grounded, balancing life on stage with everyday humanity. It comes across in his music, through his lyrics, and positive vibes. His music, much like himself, is easy-going, comfortable, and stripped of any pretension.

Let's start off with the simplest of looks. Grey on grey isn't my favorite color combination but when you're surrounded by the lush gardens of nature, you don't want to blend into the abyss in case you need to call for help. I especially like the simplicity of this outfit. No logos, no weird patterns or stripes. Leave that to nature and enjoy your romp in the woods.

Head back to civilization with class. A slick short-brimmed fedora in a dark shade of chocolate is a subtle way to enhance your best feature, if that feature is your caramel cheekbones. Here, Quetzal is dressed in your typical three piece suit with a white shirt, vest, and tie. The magic comes when he loosens the top shirt buttons, fattens the noose on the tie, loses the jacket and voila! A relaxed yet pulled-together look for cocktail night at your local intimate dinner bar . . . and if you can get up and sing a tune or two dedicated to all the laydees, well, be our guest!

When nature calls again, in a good way, and you long for a day at the beach, don't forget to bring your hoodie. Spending the day by the beach can get chilly at sunrise and sunset but who wants to wear black at the beach? Opt for a pop of color in tones Yemanja would approve of. Bring your guitar, even if you can't play (leave the drumming to those annoying guys beating on plastic buckets), and enjoy the smiles you'll get from other sun-kissed souls.

Is it time to work again? Who says you have to keep your jacket on? Certainly not Quetzal. I'm beginning to wonder what happened to all of his suit jackets. No need to wonder, we don't want him to find them. This practitioner of Brazilian Capoeira shows off his sculptured arms with this loose fitting vest under a plain white wifebeater and natural beaded (read: earthy, grounded) necklace. A dark pair of jeans give off a polished yet relaxed look for work and play. The fedora tells you he's in charge. Have a seat because the lesson is about to begin. Yes sir!

And sometimes all you need to wear is a pair of piercing brown eyes  . . . and a pair of violins on your head. Cheoow!

And because we need to bring the temperature back down a bit, here's Quetzal making the least attractive face possible . . . whatever, he's still hot! Hey, I tried!

Q&A with Quetzal Guerrero
Do you have any fashion icons that have influenced your style?
I don't really have any fashion icons. My inspirations in fashion comes from my travels to various countries and absorption of different cultures and customs. Latin and European, also, Indigenous cultures have had a great deal of inspiration in my fashion sense . . .especially indigenous cultures to the Americas.

What do you fuss over the most when getting dressed?
What I fuss over the most when I get ready is my shirt. Wearing the right shirt and/or top as a man I feel really defines the overall outfit.

What is your favorite piece of wardrobe?
My favorite piece of wardrobe is the hat. A hat can really distinguish a man and give him a certain aura. The type of hat a man wears also says a lot about his personality and/or cultural awareness. But you should NEVER judge a man by what he is wearing!

What inspires your fashion sense?
So many things inspire my fashion sense from whats on film and TV to whats on the streets around me and in my travels. I am always looking for clothes that attract attention but that are not obnoxious or too loud. Its all about the subtleties for me.

How do you integrate your culture into what you wear?
I integrate my culture into my fashion with color, jewelry and an overall combination of outfit and accessories. From the hat to the shoes to the necklace, it all has to fit together to give a feel of authenticity and class.

How you you like to see women dress?
My favorite outfit on a woman is the classic black cocktail dress. There's no glits or glam to hide behind. A woman's physique and class is really exposed when she is wearing a black dress.

Enjoy Quetzal in action in his latest music video . . . Ay que Coiza Boa!

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