Wednesday, May 9, 2012

La Vida Yaya

LA Sunset by Abel Gutierrez
I had a blogger epiphany today. I realized I could purchase my own domain name for only $10 a year so I said, sure, what the heck. But I'm a Libra! Wholly indecisive. How will I pick a name? This blog has already had two names, now a third? Well, I figured it's not that popular yet, but judging from the hit count and comments I get on Facebook, Twitter, and here, I thought, wow, it could happen. Plus, the domain name was available. Score! So here goes, my own domain name . . .

Allow me to introduce you to LA Vida Yaya! I wanted to keep "LA" in the title to reference Los Angeles. It's also in Spanish and has my nickname. It's a play on La Vida Loca which I can relate to at times. I'm just happy it came to me so quickly and I didn't spend days agonizing over it, changing my mind in good Libra fashion. So that's it! No changing it! I got it for a year. My old links still work. They just redirect here. Wow, this blogging is serious business. I hope I can keep up! As long as you keep reading, I'll keep writing.

Oh and I'd like to send a huge thanks to Abel Gutierrez for allowing me to steal yet another amazing LA skyline pic. I love the sunset, the classic car going over the 6th Street bridge from East LA/Boyle Heights into downtown. Imagine I'm the one driving. Great stuff!

Thank you all for reading. I'm working on a couple of more fashion blogs and trying to nail down some interview time with a couple of you lost-track-of-time artists. You know who you are!


La Blogger Yaya


  1. Nice page and name! - admiral

  2. Thanks Admiral, and thanks for reading!